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Washington Area Community Center Board of Directors

“From Vision to Reality”

Jim Linsley, President
Bob Brown, Vice President
Jeromee Hermann, Treasurer
Sherril West, Secretary
Jim Bremner, Washington Park District Representative
Keith Steffen
Julie Smith
Jennifer Essig, High School Representative
Mike Brownfield, City of Washington Representative
Chris DuBois
Linda Fitzgerald, Library Representative

Current Statements from the Board…9/30/16

After careful review, the Washington Area Community Center Board, at its regular meeting on September 28, 2016, unanimously voted not to participate in the Silver Sneakers program.  All programs presented to the Board for consideration are reviewed in light of the purpose of the facility and its mission.  The purpose of the facility is to serve the Washington Community and the needs of its partners, the City of Washington, the Washington Park District, Washington Community High School and the Washington District Library.  Because neither Five Points nor the taxing body partners levy property taxes for operational expenses of Five Points, Five Points’ mission includes producing sufficient revenue to cover operating expenses, the cost of maintenance, repairs and capital improvements to the facility.  To do this without becoming a burden on the taxing bodies or the tax payers of Washington requires that proposed programs be considered in light of their costs and anticipated revenue.  The failure to review such programs without considering the foregoing would be fiscally irresponsible.

 Guided by fiscal responsibility, the board has consistently asked the operational team to fully evaluate the financial impact of all potential additional programs and projects.  The Silver Sneakers program was analyzed just as others have been and will continue to be.  It was the unanimous decision of the Board of Director’s not to offer the Silver Sneaker’s program at Five Points.  Thank you for your continued support of our great facility.


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