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Fitness Programs

Combine the right nutrition plan with the right exercise program or personal training regimen and you will see results. Allow Five Points Washington to help you achieve the fitness goals you have this year. Our fitness training programs will help you shed the pounds and build up your muscle so that your body will be working at its peak.

Our Training Programs

At Five Points Washington, we want to make your fitness dreams a reality. We want to empower you to achieve the goals you have. That’s why we offer a number of training programs to help get you in the best shape of your life.

 30 Min Cardioboxing with Josh Stevens! Next Session begins October 23rd!

GET READY for 30 minutes of intense cardiovascular activity, performing drills from mixed martial arts using boxing gloves, heavy bags, and mitts.

Josh Stevens, Personal Trainer and class instructor, has a background in mixed martial arts, and has been in three mixed marital arts fights. Let him show you how to get the most out of 30 minutes!  This class can be tailored for any fitness level. 

Set Class Times.  Choose between the evening sessions or morning sessions.
Class Days & Times:  Monday’s 6:15pm & 
Wednesday’s 5:30pm OR Tues. & Thurs. at 9:15am
Class Location:  Studio 2
Member Fee: $80 for 6 week sessions
Non-Member Fee: $130 for 6 week sessions
*sessions expire 6 weeks after date of purchase
(Maximum of 15 participants.) 

Boost your confidence, get a full body workout, learn self defense skills, relieve stress, and have FUN!

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