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Why Get a Personal Trainer?

Whether you’re just starting to exercise or you’ve hit a plateau in your training a personal trainer is always a good idea. A personal trainer specializes in helping others achieve their fitness goals. If you aren’ t seeing the results you want, a personal trainer can suggest different ways to achieve that break through. Consider hiring a personal trainer if you are:

  • Recovering from an injury
  • Itching for a challenge
  • Training for a sport
  • Feeling bored with your workout routine
  • Needing motivation or accountability to work out
  • Uncertain about how to start exercising

Contact Joy Grove, Fitness Manager to learn more about Personal Training and how it can help you at or call at 309-444-8222 x23.

Interested in Five Points Washington Gear?

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 SMALL GROUP TRAINING at Five Points Washington

What is small group training at Five Points? A certified Personal Trainer works with 3 to 6 people as a group rather than one on one. Enjoy the one on one attention, the motivation, and expertise a trainer delivers while enjoying the camaraderie with fellow members or friends at a slightly lower rate than one on one personal training.

What Days and Times Do You Offer Group Training? There is no specific day and time. Your trainer will work with your group to designate the best days and times that work for the group. We want to make it as convenient for your group as possible.

How Much is Group Training?
5 sessions $65 per person (member) $75 per person (non-member)
10 sessions $110 per person (member) $120 per person (non-member)
20 sessions $180 per person (member) $200 per person (non-member)

Contact Joy Grove, Fitness Manager at for questions or to sign up today for group training! Click Here for Group Training Flyer.

Check Out Our Personal Training Packages!

**All sessions are 30 minutes long.

**Training levels are based on goals set for the trainers by the fitness manager.

**The difference in training levels does not relate to expertise of the trainer, or intensity of the training.

Level 1 Personal Trainer

Individual Sessions Member Non-Member
1 session $21 $32
5 session $95 $116
10 session $168 $194
20 session $304 $341
40 session $524 $598
Couples Sessions Member Non-Member
1 session $21/person $32/person
5 session $78/person $95/person
10 session $141/person $168/person
20 session $225/person $263/person
40 session $368/person $442/person

Level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer

Individual Sessions Member Non-Member
1 session $26 $37
5 session $121 $142
10 session $210 $236
20 session $367 $404
40 session $630 $704
Couples Sessions Member Non-Member
1 session $26/person $37/person
5 session $105/person $131/person
10 session $183/person $221/person
20 session $288/person $326/person
40 session $472/person $546/person

Meet Our Personal Trainers!

  • Joy

    Joy is the Fitness Manager at Five Points Washington. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance and Fitness from North Dakota State University. She is also certified as a Nutrition Consultant through the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA). Joy specializes in the following programs at Five Points Washington:

  • Andrew

    Andrew graduated with his degree in Biology and Exercise Science from Illinois College, where he played baseball for two years. Andrew has experience assisting coaches and teams in strength and conditioning programs and is a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, a Certified Online Trainer, and has his nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition.  He also interned for the Professional Therapy Service at Pekin Hospital. 

    “I strive to help each individual reach their personal goals, with individualized programs tailored to their unique needs.”

  • Josh

    Hi, my name is Josh Stevens and I have obtained my certification in Personal Training from ICC, as well as through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I have worked at Five Points Washington for almost seven years in a variety of different roles. I am excited to start a new path as a personal trainer at a facility that I love.

    I have a background in body building and mixed martial arts, but have not participated in these competitions for several years. I still have enjoyed weekly workouts to keep myself in shape. My recent fitness exercises have centered on resistance and cardiovascular endurance training. I believe in keeping workouts fresh and using a variety of different training styles to get the best results for your body. I also have a passion for nutrition and would love to help you meet your nutritional goals while we work together to meet your fitness aspirations. I believe in the law of individualism which states that there is not one workout that fits all. I am committed to working with my clients to help them find the best workouts that are suited for their fitness needs.

    kickboxing 30 min cardio


  • Alex

    My name is Alex Wolfe. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, from Illinois State University.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). 

    I have taught a number of fitness based classes including, aerobics, weight training and personal fitness, and I have gained experience in working with a large variety of clients. While in grad school, I was involved with Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIM-OC), which is a physician recommended fitness program.  This idea was adopted for the Youth Fitness Intervention (Y-FI) Program at the YMCA for overweight and obese youth, which I assisted in developing.  I also have experience working with athletes, ranging from youth to collegiate. 

    I have a background in high school wrestling and in Judo; in which I am a second degree black belt, national medalist and was ranked within the top 5 in the nation in my weight class. I enjoy strength training as well as circuit/HIIT training. 

    POWERFORM 4.0 Performance Training 2 9 17

  • Karen

    My name is Karen Cooper. I grew up in Washington and received my Bachelor of Science from Bradley University. I am also a certified personal trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise). I believe that through fitness and nutrition, anyone can reach their goals. I have run 6 marathons and enjoy incorporating weight training into my weekly regimens.

    “The most rewarding part of personal training is being a part of my client’s fitness journey and watching them crush their goals!!”


  • Morgan

    My name is Morgan Peil. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Physical Therapy from Trinity International University in Chicago. I also received my personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Soccer has been a passion of mine for many years. Helping individuals attain their ultimate fitness goals is my priority.


  • Tara

    My name is Tara Tiezzi, and I am passionate about fitness and strength training.  Whether you’re new to fitness, looking to overcome a challenge or just wanting to take it up a notch, I would love to help you on your journey.  I have personally experienced all these levels myself, and strongly believe in the consistent use of resistance training to improve overall strength and body composition.  Just as each of us have different fitness goals, we each require different programming to achieve those objectives.  I am committed to working with you and watching you decimate your goals!    


    I am a Certified Personal Trainer through American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and earned my Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University.  I have been a member of Five Points since the facility opened, and reside in Washington with my husband and two young sons.



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