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It is always wise to help children engage in proper eating and exercising habits. However, with childhood obesity on the rise, it is even more important to get your kids to the gym so they know how to best take care of their bodies. At Five Points Washington, we know the best way to keep children engaged in healthy activities is to make sure they are having fun. Exercise isn’t a chore when your mind is engaged. That’s why we strive to keep youth fitness activities interesting!

beSTRONG – Currently not available.

Wonderful 6 week program for girls ages 10-13 years old which focuses on how to make healthy choices, physical activity, nutrition, self esteem, how to deal with stress and social media.  Plus, learn how to lift weight for strength and self confidence. Learn the dangers of fad diets and eating disorders.  Empower your daughter with beSTRONG and help her build a good self image! This program is instructed by Joy Grove, Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant.  Click here for more information: be strong strength training for girls October 2017.  Sign up at the front desk.  If you have questions, contact Joy Grove, Fitness Manager at or 309-444-8222 x23.


LiFT – Currently not available.

Incredible 6 week program for boys ages 10 to 13 focuses on the many benefits of taking care of yourself through nutrition, weight lifting, and loving yourself.  LiFT helps boys understand the importance of inner strength, self confidence and a good self image.  The program is instructed by Alex Wolfe, personal trainer. For more information please click here: LiFT November 2017

FINS Fitness – Next Session Spring 2018!

Program for 3rd – 6th grade girls that focuses on fitness, image, nutrition and self- esteem. Your child can sign up for this fitness program twice a year that prepares them to run a 5k race. Sign ups begin in March for the April – June training session and September for the October–December training session. Registration is $35.00 for 1 hour, 2 days per week for 6-8 weeks. For more information please contact Katie Deichert at

Growing Strong

This is a free time opportunity for kids on Monday – Friday from 9-11 am. After parents check their children in at the Kids Clubhouse, those wanting to go to Growing Strong will be escorted by the instructor to and from the gym for free time.  Growing Strong program is for children 3 to 11.  However, all children attending must be potty trained.

Children are supervised while they play various games and use different types of equipment such as scooters, balls, etc.

Please note, children MUST be potty trained to be able to participate in Growing Strong.

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