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Swim Lessons

Swim lessons at Five Points Washington are offered in our heated indoor pools and taught by our quality trained instructors. We provide different swim lesson options to meet you and your child’s goals.


Swim Lesson Options at Five Points Washington

  • Group Swim Lessons (Ages 6 Months – 12 Years Old)
  • Private & Semi-Private Lessons (3 Years and Up)
  • Little Warriors Swim Lessons (2.5-4.5 Years Old)

Enjoy learning a valuable skill for your safety, health and years of fun. We have a fabulous, safe and clean environment that provides the perfect conditions for learning.

Sign up today by registering online below. Call us with questions at 309-444-8222 or email bradw@fivepointswashington.org We look forward to speaking with you.

Group Swim Lessons-Due to COVID and current state and social distancing guidelines we are not currently offering group lessons

We are currently not offering group swim lessons. Typically they are offered on Saturday mornings for 4 total classes in a session. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and includes both group and individualized practice and instruction. Times of classes may vary each session. Cut off dates for registration are Thursday night before the Saturday session begins, however, space is limited and classes may fill up well before then. 

Progress Reports

Progress reports are distributed at the last session of lessons, which will include recommendations for future level placement from the instructors. All lessons are designed to build on previously learned skills.


Saturday: $28





Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are a great option for individualized instruction for swimmers of all ages and abilities. From participants who want to focus on specific skills or just thrive working 1-on-1 with an instructor. Children with special needs have also significantly benefited from our private lesson program. We will pair you up with one of our experienced swim instructors at a time that works for you. Getting set up is easy. Complete and submit a private/semi-private lesson request form and you will be contacted by an instructor to set up lessons around your schedule! Private lessons are limited to 1 participant per instructor; semi-private lessons can have up to 3 participants of your choosing.

Click here to view our Private Lessons page and view our available instructors


Little Warriors Semi-Private Swim Lessons: (Ages 2 1/2 to 4 years old)

We are currently not offering Little Warriors Lessons. Typically, Little Warriors Swim Lessons are semi-private lessons with up to 3 participants offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for children 2 1/2 to 4 years old.

Classes are offered on Tues. & Thurs.:
9:00-9:30 am                   9:35-10:05 am
10:10-10:40 am        10:45-11:15 am

The classes are 30 minutes long and offered in 6 class sessions for: 

For questions, contact Program Manager, Brad Weaver at bradw@fivepointswashington.org or 444-8222 x 48.

Goals: Introduce your child to a structured swim lesson that provides the fundamentals of different swim strokes and of course fun! 

3 children maximum per class.

Click here to register for Little Warriors!

Group Swim Lesson Class Descriptions (For Ages 6 months–12 Years Old)

Parent-Tot : (6 months–2.5 years)

Parent and child in the water together.
Goals: Fosters the special bond that exists between a parent and child along with singing songs, and playing games gently expands a child’s comfort level. This class builds confidence, allows the child to feel safe, happy, and secure as they begin to explore a water environment.
10 children maximum per class.

Toddler: (Suitable for Ages 2.5-4)

Helps participants feel comfortable in the water.
Goals: Basic water movements; blow bubbles through mouth and nose; supported front and back floats; supported arm and leg actions on front and back; water safety.

5 children maximum per class.

Level 1: Suitable for Ages 4-12

Introduction to Water Skills

Goals: Enter and exit water using ladder, steps or side, and jumping in from the side; blow bubbles through mouth and nose; bobbing; submerging head under water to retrieve objects; front and back floats unsupported for 5 seconds; recover to vertical position; roll from front to back and back to front; can demonstrate flutter kick; can demonstrate back float with arm movements; can demonstrate front float with freestyle arms; water safety.                                  

5 children maximum per class.

Level 2: Suitable for Ages 5-12

Fundamental Skills and Stroke Readiness

Goals: Builds on skills from level one with less supported action from instructor; fully submerge and hold breath; open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects; change direction of travel while swimming on front or back; combined arm and leg actions on front (freestyle with flutter kick); combined arm and leg actions on back (back stroke with flutter kick); introduce frog kick; streamline; diving; water safety.   

5 children maximum per class.

Level 3: Suitable for Ages 6-12

Stroke Development 

Goals: Builds on skills from level two; comfortability with flutter kick, freestyle, and backstroke; can demonstrate rotary breathing, frog kick, dolphin kick, treading water, and diving (standing or kneeling); can change from vertical to horizontal position on front and back; comfortability in deep water; can swim a distance of at least 25 yards using specified strokes; water safety.                             

5 children maximum per class

Level 4: Suitable for Ages 6-12

Stroke Refinement

Goals: Builds on skills from level 3; Head first entries (standing or kneeling positions); can demonstrate rotary breathing, treading water, frog kick, dolphin kick, breast stroke, butterfly stroke, freestyle, backstroke, flip turns, and competitive diving skills; can swim each stroke for at least 25 yards; water safety.

5 children maximum per class.


Swim Lesson Policies

Make ups/Credits

We do not offer make up lessons for missed classes. Program fees are non-refundable once registered. Instructors are not required to make up any lesson time lost, caused by tardiness of the participant.

Cancellations of Private and/or Semi Private Lessons

Cancellations and re-scheduling for private and semi-private lessons must be communicated directly with the instructor. Failure to contact the instructor in a timely manner or no-shows will result in a deduction of a lesson from the participant’s lesson package.

Start of Class

We make every effort to start each class on time. For safety’s sake, if your child arrives early, they should sit on the deck chairs with their parent or guardian until the instructor takes attendance.

Please remind your child to use the bathroom before all swimming classes.

Parent Observation

You are invited and encouraged to observe your child’s swim lesson during the session.

When you observe the class please sit on the deck chairs/benches– do not stand or sit at the edge of the pool which is very distracting to the child and the instructor. Please do not allow siblings who are observing the lessons to stand, jump or crawl around the pool area. Also, please remember that food is not permitted in the pool area.

Toys should be kept off the deck. Any obstructions on the deck could result in injury or the inability for a lifeguard to respond to an emergency.

Registration and Payment

It is very important that you sign your child up as soon as possible. Classes fill quickly especially on Saturdays. We observe all ratios as described in our swim lesson descriptions.

For group lessons, payment is required upon registration. For private and semi-privates, payment is required before the first lesson begins. Instructors are unable to begin a lesson without prior payment.


Our pool rules are designed to keep you and others safe.  Please click here to review our Comprehensive Pool Rule List.  We want our members and guests to have fun but in the most safe environment as possible.  Thank you for complying.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding swim lessons, please contact Brad Weaver, Program Manager at 309-444-8222 x48 or bradw@fivepointswashington.org.

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