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Working out doesn’t have to be a mental chore. But many times, it can feel this way if you are trying to get in shape on your own. Your exercise routine may become monotonous and you may lack the motivation to bring yourself to the gym. When you’re alone, it’s much easier to give up and quit.

That’s why Five Points Washington offers a great selection of group fitness classes. In a group, you gain the accountability to come to the gym with two added bonuses: it’s social and it’s fun!

Each of our group fitness classes has energizing music, fun moves and excellent coaches. We offer several levels of classes so that we can engage, encourage and challenge our members–whether you are a beginner to our fitness center or one of our most advanced athletes. 

Our Group Class Selection

Everyone has different tastes, even in exercising. At Five Points Washington, we embrace diversity by offering a wide variety of class options to members of our fitness center.  Check out our list of classes below: 


Click here for the New Group Fitness Class Schedule beginning August 31st.

Click here for the VIRTUAL Group Fitness Class Schedule.

If you are interested in getting fit and having fun doing it, call Megan Stevenart, Fitness Manager at (309) 444-8222 x23, email megans@fivepointswashington.org or contact us online today!


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