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Physical Therapy

At Rehabilitation Services of the Illinois Neurological Institute (INI), we understand that your injury or disease has been a setback. Our goal is to help you find the mental and physical strength to live the life you desire, as you overcome this setback.

A great team is made up of people with different skill sets and that’s what you’ll find at INI. Our team is your team and they consist of a physiatrists, advanced practice nurses, rehabilitation nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists and neuropsychologists.

With your team in place, they will educate both you and your family or support system as you continue on your journey.

Click the link here to learn more about OSF INI Physical Therapy Services.

OSF Outpatient Rehabilitation at Five Points Washington allows patients to seek the quality care close to their home.  Five Points offers a comfortable setting on the second floor in the fitness center.  There is an elevator off to the left of the lobby for ease of access.

OSF Rehabilitation patients enter the main doors of Five Points, and must check in at the Five Points front desk.  The front desk can direct you to the elevator to the left of the lobby near the restrooms to head upstairs to the Physical Therapy room or you can use the stair case near the locker rooms and gymnasium entrance.  Five Points front desk staff will be happy to assist you in where you need to go for your care.

To schedule your appointment with OSF Outpatient Rehabilitation at Five Points, please call 309-444-4402 or fax to 309-444-4407.  

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