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The Caterpillar Performing Arts Center at Five Points Washington is the venue of choice for our concerts. The performance hall has great acoustics and is equipped with a screen above the stage for digital displays; the sound and lighting systems are also excellent. The performance hall is the perfect size to comfortably accommodate our large audience and yet make the concerts feel intimate. Along with the auditorium, the banquet rooms provide an enjoyable atmosphere to gather after an event. Not only this, but the facility manager, Brian, and his staff   are professional, extremely helpful, and able to solve any issues with ease.Arrow
- David Commanday, Artistic Director/Conductor, Heartland Festival Orchestra

Home to the Heartland Festival Orchestra

Our Performing Arts Center is proud to feature the Heartland Festival Orchestra. Not only does this chamber orchestra bring professional musicians and divine melodies from Brahms, Beethoven, Bach and more to our theatre, but also a portion of the ticket sales from their performance benefits charities all across Central Illinois. Five Points Washington is honored to host this orchestra and benefit the community in the process.

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Interested in More?

If you are a music lover and you would like to learn more about this orchestra, please check out the Heartland Festival Orchestra Website!

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